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Imagine that you’re in a sitting in a park or visiting the hospital with friends and while waiting for your turn to see the doctor, your eyes fall on a nursing mother and baby. How do you feel? Chances are that you’d have a wave of tenderness wash over you, you’d feel warm, your heart whistles, and you wish you were the father or mother of the child. Maybe you’re done with childbirth or your wife has just weaned your last child, surely this picture above reminds you of so many things - the bond, the connection, that indescribable pure joy. You could be reading this, and you and your partner want to try for a baby or have been trying for a baby with no success, this is the right stuff to read. In this piece, we are going to explore some of the ways you can prepare your body for conception. They’re pretty easy to do, and you’d have guaranteed success if you put in your shift. Read on. 1. Change Your Diet: One of the things you need to do to prepare your body for conception is to review your diet. Let’s assume that you’re a gardener. You know you have to prepare the soil by enriching it with nutrients necessary to support optimum plant growth before you plant your seeds. In the same vein, weed out unhealthy foods from your diet, and replace them with whole and organic foods. Eat healthy and fertility supporting meals to increase your chances of conception. 2. Exercise Regularly: Closely aligned to eating well is the need for regular exercise. Don’t be in a haste to be a fitness guru. Do simple exercises like walking first, and the more intensive ones such as cycling and jogging later. You’d be amazed by the change you’d see in your body if you keep at it for at least four times in a week. A 30-minute work-out time per day isn’t a bad idea either. Also, going for a physical evaluation at the hospital is needful, too – it helps you to catch the foxes on time. 3. Reduce Your Stress Levels: To get easily pregnant, you and your partner need to mind your stress-levels. Granted the world is such a competitive place with deadlines ringing. Well, this is the 21st Century! However, you need to consciously make out time to let off some steam and de-clutter your relationship space if need be. Stress spikes your cortisol levels, lowers your sex drive, narrows your blood vessels, lowers your energy levels, and suppress your ovulation cycle. These aren’t good if you want to get pregnant soon. We recommend that to de-stress, you should have lots of sleep, read books, make entries in your journal, and daydream (yes! Daydream about yourself and your baby). 4. Mind Your Cycle: Thankfully, technology has revolutionized approaches to personal health. There are many apps out there which can help you to track your cycles. Sister, keeping track of your menstrual cycle is one foot in the door of getting pregnant – you’d be able to tell when you’re most fertile and the variation in the length of your cycles. Paying close attention to your cycle can help you to detect if you’re having irregular periods or spotting, etc. and you can take prompt medical steps, too. You can keep a diary if you aren’t comfortable with apps. 5. Stop Alcohol and Substance Abuse: If you’re friends with the bottle, now is the time to ditch that friendship and save your baby from being born with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS). Stop smoking – your baby is at the receiving end of harmful chemicals and it can induce premature birth as well. Quit using hard drugs and save your baby the possibility of being born with birth defects or still birth, etc. 6. Fix Your Relationships: Babies are naturally tender. An atmosphere of love and warmth is the best for them. This means that you and your partner have to work to resolve your issues (including issues from your childhood) and be on the same page. Release yourself from the hurt and pain, forgive yourself and your partner. It is critical that your home a welcoming atmosphere. If I were a baby, I’d refuse to go to a toxic home. See? 7. Be Aware of Your Thoughts: If you’re trying to get pregnant, you need to put a bridle on the tongue of your inner man. Dump all those negative thoughts that assert that you can’t conceive maybe by reason of age or previous failed attempts or for any reason whatsoever, and embrace positive affirmations. If putting up empowering nuggets in the spaces you frequent in your house or at work will help to reinforce the message, by all means do so! The bottom line is, you must send the negative words packing. 8. Folic Acid is Your Friend: Folic Acid is great for anyone who is trying to get pregnant. Neural tube defects are preventable and they usually occur during the early stages of pregnancy, so folic acid comes to the rescue. A daily dose of 400 – 800 micrograms is recommended, and if you’re buying your folic acid from across the counter, be sure to read the labels to be sure you’re within limits. 9. Have Sex: This is the ultimate! Have unprotected sex during your fertile cycle! Whether you have been trying for a baby without success or not, resist the temptation of seeing sex as a chore. Instead, create memorable and passionate sexual encounters with your partner and see your bond with each other grow, and trust that the Divine is on your side. 10. Fall In Love With Conceive Plus: At Conceive Plus, we place a high premium on your happiness. We encourage you, having taken the above steps to prepare your body for conception, to give our products a trial. We know your past experience with conception products have numbed your mind to want to give others one more chance to prove that in the midst of counterfeits, there are originals. We haven't boasted this in vein, our extremely satisfied customers in different countries of the world are even louder than us in this regard. You're still doubting? Start that amazing journey into hassle-free conception and happiness with us now. Cheers!